Top Portland Neighborhoods for Millennials

Over the last few years, the city of Portland has quickly become a hotspot for millennials. With its hip, liberal mentality and embrace for all things weird, it’s the ideal city to find common cultural tribes and exercise creative muscles. … Continue Reading →

7 Reasons to Move to Oregon

If you’ve been stuck in one place for too long and need a change of scenery, you should consider a move to the state of Oregon. With plenty of metropolitan areas, beautiful surroundings, and abundant job opportunities, it’s the perfect … Continue Reading →

How to Make Your Out of State Move Go Smoothly

Moving out-of-state can provide a fresh start and a change of pace that millions of people take on every year. While the thought of a new destination and lifestyle can be exciting, the process of getting there can be stressful … Continue Reading →

7 Best Places to Live in Oregon with a Family

With gorgeous mountain scenery and friendly residents scattered through the state, Oregon is revered throughout the Pacific Northwest as a great place to call home. And, with additional living perks such as great public school systems and no sales tax, … Continue Reading →

Newcomer’s Guide to Portland

The city of Portland, Oregon is a vibrant and fun town with a thriving cultural scene. With many employment opportunities that keep the economy humming, as well as the countless coffee roasters and microbreweries that have popped up around the … Continue Reading →

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