7 Reasons to Make the Long Distance Move to Oregon

If you’ve been stuck in one place for too long and need a change of scenery, you should consider a move to the state of Oregon. With plenty of metropolitan areas, beautiful surroundings, and abundant job opportunities, it’s the perfect place for a fresh start. According to long distance mover, Oregon is the #1 inbound state for relocations in the entire country. If you’re still not convinced, here are seven reasons why so many people are moving to Oregon!

1. City Living

Oregon has many exciting cities waiting to be discovered. From the hip streets of Eugene to the eclectic vibes of Portland, this west coast state is sure to have the right kind of scene for you. You’re guaranteed to find numerous coffee shops, bookstores, art galleries, and music venues to choose from, and you’ll never get bored or restless with the diverse city life.

2. Career Opportunities

Starting a new career in Oregon is easy thanks to the state’s economic health. With major companies such as Nike and Organically Grown Company that are headquartered in Oregon, there are many great job opportunities. Plus abundant careers in medicine, agriculture, and business, make it a great place to find opportunity and advancement in the workplace.

3. Natural Scenery

If you crave adventure in the great outdoors, the Pacific Northwest is the place for you! Oregon is full of beautiful mountains, stunning beaches, and pristine hiking trails that nature enthusiasts love. With popular attractions such as the Mount Hood summit and Astoria beach, there’s natural scenery to be found everywhere that you look in Oregon. With plenty of hiking, biking, and kayaking activities, it’s a fun state to live in.

4. Foodie Culture

With many fusion food trucks, organic cafes, and new restaurants, Oregon attracts foodies from all around the United States. The city of Portland was even rated number one on the “Top Best Food Cities In America.” And with fresh farmers markets and international food carts that are open almost all year round, you can expect to enjoy tasty cuisine on a consistent basis.

5. Mild Weather

The weather in Oregon is pretty well-balanced and is perfect for those who hate sweltering heat waves and freezing cold winters. The average high temperature for the state is around 64-degrees while the average low is 42. These temperatures create a year-round average climate of 53-degrees, which is not bad at all! You might need to wear a jacket on a few chilly days, but you won’t be sweating or shivering too often in Oregon.

6. Higher Education

If you’re looking to enroll in college or graduate school, consider moving to Oregon. With plenty of prestigious colleges such as the University of Oregon and the Oregon State University, it’s the ideal place to further your education. You’ll enjoy learning amongst a diverse student population and excellent academic programs.

7. Craft Beer

Okay, we admit this isn’t the most crucial reason to move to Oregon. But if there’s one thing that this state is good at (and there are plenty!), it’s brewing quality craft beers. There are over 250 breweries in the state, with the most being located in the city of Portland, with many different tastes and methods to be sampled. Plus, the craft beer is overwhelmingly popular with both locals and tourists alike, which is a sure sign that Oregon is doing something right in their brewing process!


How to Make Your Out of State Move Go Smoothly

Moving out-of-state can provide a fresh start and a change of pace that millions of people take on every year. While the thought of a new destination and lifestyle can be exciting, the process of getting there can be stressful and chaotic. To help those of you who are considering an out-of-state move, here are a few steps to make your moving process go smoothly.

Have a Plan

Your moving process will seem less daunting once you sit down and plan out the details. Make sure that you establish how much money you can spend on interstate moving services or equipment, how many days can be set aside for the moving process, what needs to be packed and what needs to be tossed, and whether or not you need to hire professional services or can rely on family and friends to help.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Packing and shipping extra belongings can waste time and money within the moving process. Instead, try sorting your household items into two categories before the packing begins: things that you use consistently for everyday living and things that are nice to have, but don’t necessarily get much use. Then, determine how much space you have in your moving vehicles and see what can fit. After making sure that all essential items can fit within your transport vehicles, make a pile of unneeded items that won’t fit, which can then be donated, sold, or given away. If you have time, you can hold a yard sale or try to sell your items online.

Transfer or Establish Utilities

Be sure to call your existing utility providers about two weeks before your moving date to terminate or transfer them. If you need to establish service in your new state through different utility companies, you can do some online research to find the best service for your needs. Make sure that you also have all utilities connected at your new destination before your arrival date.

Ship Extra Vehicles

If you’re moving across the country and have more than one vehicle in the family, you might want to ship one of them instead of driving both to your destination. Keep in mind that it will take at least a week to get a car transported from coast to coast, and if you want the vehicle to get to your new destination ahead of you, you’ll have to prepare ahead of time.

Understand Delivery Times

If you’re using a professional moving service, your belongings might not arrive on the same day (or even the day after) as the packing and loading process. The company will most likely give you a delivery spread, which is the amount of time it will take to reach your new destination, which can span up to 14 days. Since the delivery spread depends on distance, time of the year, and how many belongings you want to be shipped, make sure you get an accurate estimate on when you can expect your items.