Tips for a Cross Country Relocation | How I Moved from NYC to Portland

From Manhattan to Portland

When I moved from New York City to Portland last year, I knew I was in for a big change. I had lived in Manhattan for nearly 10 years and had grown used to the constant noise, traffic, and busyness of the big city. With just over 2.4 million people in the Portland metro versus 20.2 million in the NYC metro, I knew downsizing would be an adjustment. I also knew that the process of a cross-country, coast-to-coast relocation would be a challenge. But all was worth it because I was moving here to finally marry my longtime girlfriend and settle down. While my move had its ups and downs, I learned some valuable lessons along the way. For those also contemplating an exodus from the East Coast to the Wild West, here are some helpful tips for planning your move.

Hire Movers – This is Not a Time to DIY Your Move

Anyone who has every moved in NYC before knows that hiring professionals is a must. Rules about elevator usage (if your building has one), traffic, lack of parking, difficult landlords, and narrow staircases make moving a logistical nightmare. Driving a regular car through the streets of Manhattan is hard enough, so I can only imagine how horrendous trying to navigate Times Square with a moving truck must be. For these reasons, I have always used a moving company for my many apartment relocations in New York. Plus, I knew this move would take me 2900 miles away, and 43 hours behind the wheel of a rented moving truck just didn’t sound like my idea of a fun road trip. I’ve used one of the best Manhattan moving companies for my last 5 moves, so I called them up to get a quote. The dates worked out and the price seemed reasonable so I booked them. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Ask Your Employer to Cover the Moving Expenses

There wasn’t an option to transfer with my employer at the time, so I spent a couple months scoping out jobs in Portland. I finally found a tech startup that fit the bill, and during final salary negotiations, I asked them to cover my relocation expenses. (Here’s an awesome article about negotiating a relocation allowance!) Thankfully, they obliged, giving me a moving allowance that covered most of my moving costs.

Sure, hiring interstate movers is expensive, but even if you must pay for it yourself, I think it’s worth it if you’re contemplating a move this far away. If your employer doesn’t reimburse moving expenses, you may be eligible to take a deduction for moving expenses on your tax return.

Ditch Stuff Before Your Move

To reduce the cost of your move, be sure to ditch unwanted items BEFORE you move. Unlike the price of local moves, which are determined by the hours worked, long distance moving costs are based on the weight of your belongings. The truck literally gets weighed before and after picking up your items at a certified weighing station. For this reason, purging before your move is paramount. If you’re a packrat like me, you probably have every possible nook and cranny crammed with stuff that you don’t really want or need. Now’s the time to clean it out!

Understand the Moving Insurance

Moving companies are required to offer long distance customers full value protection insurance coverage with their move. While you may decline this coverage (and reduce the cost of your move), be aware that doing so means that you’ll get stuck with the minimum coverage policy. For most moving companies, this policy pays out $.60/pound. Yes, you read that right. So, if your 8-lb. $400 X-Box 360 gets obliterated during the move, you could be looking at a check totaling less than $5 to make up for it. Thankfully, nothing happened during my move, but I went with the full value protection anyway just for peace of mind.

Make Sure Your Mover is Legit

Before you sign a contract with a moving company, make sure they are a legitimate and licensed company. There are a lot of shady operations out there that don’t have licensing or insurance that are ready to screw over the customer. I knew my guys were the real deal because I had looked up their licensing info on a previous move. To be on the safe side, check the Department of Transportation FMCSA website. You can look up movers by name or license number to verify they are up-to-date.

These are just a few of my words of wisdom when it comes to moving across the country. Thankfully, my move went remarkably smooth for such a long haul. Now, I’m loving life in the beautiful city of Portland!


Moving from Seattle to Portland – What You Need to Know

While the Pacific Northwest is filled with ocean shores and mountainous terrain that can be found all across the region, many of the area’s metros widely vary. If you’re moving from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon,  be prepared to make a few major adjustments. With changes in the job market, rent, weather, and geographical quirks, the smaller city of Portland is a far cry from bustling Seattle. For those of you who are planning a move, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Real Estate

When making a move south from Seattle to Portland, you’ll find that rent prices can be considerably lower than what you’re used to paying. The average monthly mortgage for a 2-bedroom house in the city runs about $1,400, which is cheap compared to the steep price tags in Seattle. But before you purchase an inexpensive home impulsively, be sure to research the different neighborhoods around the city. Whether it’s the cool and hip streets of the Alberta Arts District and the SE Foster-Powell area, or the family-friendly atmosphere of the Grant Park or Laurelhurst communities, make sure that the location you choose is a good fit for you and your family.

Winter Weather

While still slightly sunnier than Seattle, Portland has traditional Northwestern weather with consistent rain and hail. Nine months out of the year, the city is usually filled with overcast skies and heavy rains. In the winter, the snowfall can cause the city to completely shut down, causing many residents to carry a set of chains in their cars to keep from getting stuck on ice. And speaking of ice, locals can also find the city streets frozen solid after a particularly chilly winter rain. And while Portland summers are a glorious break from this cold weather, they’re usually short-lived before the fall season sets in.

Traffic Conditions

While Portland is a smaller town than Seattle, there’s still a good amount of road navigation and traffic to deal with. The city contains a maze of titanic bridges that connect the two halves of the city together and can be quite the challenge to navigate through. Most of these bridges are subject to withdrawing at random intervals to let ships pass, which can throw a huge wrench in commuter plans throughout the day. With the addition of the new Tilikum Bridge, jams can flare up quickly, with rush hour traffic becoming unpredictable with the chance a single bridge being drawn. However, it’s still likely that your commute time can be less than what you’re used to in Seattle, as Portland is a smaller city with a lower amount of traffic.

If you find yourself in need of a reliable moving company as you make the transition from Seattle to Portland, consider calling our friends at Cheap Movers Seattle ( This Seattle-based relocation service helps pair customers with local, reputable moving companies at discounted rates. Easily get a free quote and compare rates from movers in the Seattle area, book your move, and save!

Top Portland Neighborhoods for Millennials

Over the last few years, the city of Portland has quickly become a hotspot for millennials. With its hip, liberal mentality and embrace for all things weird, it’s the ideal city to find common cultural tribes and exercise creative muscles. And because Portland is saturated with many different coffee shops, bistros, and music festivals, more and more young people are flocking to the city for a fresh start in a new place. Below are a few neighborhoods that are increasingly popular for millennials and are appealing to those who make a move to Portland.

North Portland

North Portland (also known as “NoPo”) is a very popular neighborhood for young people. Touting a giant statue of Paul Bunyan at its entrance, the area embodies a quirky and cool attitude with lively streets. Mississippi Avenue is one of the more trafficked streets that has numerous bars, restaurants, and boutiques that are perfect for a weekend of fun. The neighborhood also has many parks and wildlife trails for walking, jogging, or biking during those beautiful Oregon summer days. Housing in this area is typically pricier than South Portland and includes a mix of modern condos, lofts, and elegant Victorian homes.

With plenty of outdoor bistros and busy streets, Portland draws Millennials from around the U.S.

With plenty of outdoor bistros and busy streets, Portland draws Millennials from around the U.S.

Northeast Portland

Northeast Portland is a large area that’s home to the most diverse population in the city. With a broad range of people and income, rent tends to fluctuate a lot in this neighborhood, and many older houses are consistently being renovated, sold, or rented out. There are also fewer new buildings here than in NoPo. Millennials spend most of their days in the Alberta Arts District, which holds art events, seminars, and food festivals. With more artists and an emerging business district, it’s a great place to live if you’re planning on getting involved in the arts community.

Southeast Portland

Heading south, you’ll find Portland’s bohemian neighborhood with an ‘up and coming’ vibe. With an interesting mixture of old hippies, millennials, and blue-collar workers, this area of the city is continually in flux when it comes to rental prices. The most popular area for millennials is the Hawthorne District, where you’ll find many vintage stores, dive bars, and happy hours to indulge in. But while Hawthorn is fun for a night out on the town, it can also be the most expensive part of the neighborhood for housing. Luckily for millennials, it also offers new lofts with low rent prices that are located on the village outskirts.

Due to its rapidly changing environment, Portland regularly alternates between a full or vacant housing market, especially in these districts. With its unique young vibe that appeals to millennials all around the United States, more young people are expected to move in and out of the city in the coming years. If you’re looking to move to Portland or just looking for a new neighborhood to call home, you won’t be disappointed by the array of neighborhoods Portland has to choose from. Thanks to for contributing to our knowledge of Portland’s best neighborhoods for Millennials. When it comes to finding cheap Portland movers this company has you covered. Portland Movers makes it easy to search for local, licensed moving companies so you can compare rates and save up to 35% off your next move.

7 Reasons to Move to Oregon

If you’ve been stuck in one place for too long and need a change of scenery, you should consider a move to the state of Oregon. With plenty of metropolitan areas, beautiful surroundings, and abundant job opportunities, it’s the perfect place for a fresh start. According to long distance mover, Oregon is the #1 inbound state for relocations in the entire country. If you’re still not convinced, here are seven reasons why so many people are moving to Oregon!

1. City Living

Oregon has many exciting cities waiting to be discovered. From the hip streets of Eugene to the eclectic vibes of Portland, this west coast state is sure to have the right kind of scene for you. You’re guaranteed to find numerous coffee shops, bookstores, art galleries, and music venues to choose from, and you’ll never get bored or restless with the diverse city life.

2. Career Opportunities

Starting a new career in Oregon is easy thanks to the state’s economic health. With major companies such as Nike and Organically Grown Company that are headquartered in Oregon, there are many great job opportunities. Plus abundant careers in medicine, agriculture, and business, make it a great place to find opportunity and advancement in the workplace.

You'll find countless job opportunities in the cities of Oregon.

You’ll find countless job opportunities in the cities of Oregon.

3. Natural Scenery

If you crave adventure in the great outdoors, the Pacific Northwest is the place for you! Oregon is full of beautiful mountains, stunning beaches, and pristine hiking trails that nature enthusiasts love. With popular attractions such as the Mount Hood summit and Astoria beach, there’s natural scenery to be found everywhere that you look in Oregon. With plenty of hiking, biking, and kayaking activities, it’s a fun state to live in.

4. Foodie Culture

With many fusion food trucks, organic cafes, and new restaurants, Oregon attracts foodies from all around the United States. The city of Portland was even rated number one on the “Top Best Food Cities In America.” And with fresh farmers markets and international food carts that are open almost all year round, you can expect to enjoy tasty cuisine on a consistent basis.

Enjoy tasty brunch menus at the cafes and bistros of Oregon.

Enjoy tasty brunch menus at the cafes and bistros of Oregon.

5. Mild Weather

The weather in Oregon is pretty well-balanced and is perfect for those who hate sweltering heat waves and freezing cold winters. The average high temperature for the state is around 64-degrees while the average low is 42. These temperatures create a year-round average climate of 53-degrees, which is not bad at all! You might need to wear a jacket on a few chilly days, but you won’t be sweating or shivering too often in Oregon.

6. Higher Education

If you’re looking to enroll in college or graduate school, consider moving to Oregon. With plenty of prestigious colleges such as the University of Oregon and the Oregon State University, it’s the ideal place to further your education. You’ll enjoy learning amongst a diverse student population and excellent academic programs.

Oregon has many prominent colleges and universities to choose from.

Oregon has many prominent colleges and universities to choose from.

7. Craft Beer

Okay, we admit this isn’t the most crucial reason to move to Oregon. But if there’s one thing that this state is good at (and there are plenty!), it’s brewing quality craft beers. There are over 250 breweries in the state, with the most being located in the city of Portland, with many different tastes and methods to be sampled. Plus, the craft beer is overwhelmingly popular with both locals and tourists alike, which is a sure sign that Oregon is doing something right in their brewing process!


How to Make Your Out of State Move Go Smoothly

Moving out-of-state can provide a fresh start and a change of pace that millions of people take on every year. While the thought of a new destination and lifestyle can be exciting, the process of getting there can be stressful and chaotic. To help those of you who are considering an out-of-state move, here are a few steps to make your moving process go smoothly.

Have a Plan

Your moving process will seem less daunting once you sit down and plan out the details. Make sure that you establish how much money you can spend on interstate moving services or equipment, how many days can be set aside for the moving process, what needs to be packed and what needs to be tossed, and whether or not you need to hire professional services or can rely on family and friends to help.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Packing and shipping extra belongings can waste time and money within the moving process. Instead, try sorting your household items into two categories before the packing begins: things that you use consistently for everyday living and things that are nice to have, but don’t necessarily get much use. Then, determine how much space you have in your moving vehicles and see what can fit. After making sure that all essential items can fit within your transport vehicles, make a pile of unneeded items that won’t fit, which can then be donated, sold, or given away. If you have time, you can hold a yard sale or try to sell your items online.

Prepare for a move ahead of time to ensure a stress-free transition.

Preparing for a move ahead of time will help ensure a stress-free transition.

Transfer or Establish Utilities

Be sure to call your existing utility providers about two weeks before your moving date to terminate or transfer them. If you need to establish service in your new state through different utility companies, you can do some online research to find the best service for your needs. Make sure that you also have all utilities connected at your new destination before your arrival date.

Ship Extra Vehicles

If you’re moving across the country and have more than one vehicle in the family, you might want to ship one of them instead of driving both to your destination. Keep in mind that it will take at least a week to get a car transported from coast to coast, and if you want the vehicle to get to your new destination ahead of you, you’ll have to prepare ahead of time.

Understand Delivery Times

If you’re using a professional moving service, your belongings might not arrive on the same day (or even the day after) as the packing and loading process. The company will most likely give you a delivery spread, which is the amount of time it will take to reach your new destination, which can span up to 14 days. Since the delivery spread depends on distance, time of the year, and how many belongings you want to be shipped, make sure you get an accurate estimate on when you can expect your items.

7 Best Places to Live in Oregon with a Family

With gorgeous mountain scenery and friendly residents scattered through the state, Oregon is revered throughout the Pacific Northwest as a great place to call home. And, with additional living perks such as great public school systems and no sales tax, Oregon is also considered one of the best places to raise a family in the United States. If you’re thinking about making the move to the area yourself, here are some of the best family-oriented towns to consider.

Lake Oswego

This southern Portland suburb is one of the most affluent communities in the state and boasts some of the best school systems in the area. With over 570 acres of beautiful parks and wide open spaces, it’s also a great community for joining sports teams, fitness groups, and other outdoor clubs.


Beaverton is the sixth largest city in Oregon and was recently named one of the best places to live by Money Magazine. Beaverton’s job market is constantly booming with major company headquarters, such as Nike and Reser’s Fine Foods. The town is also home to the industrious Silicon Forest, which houses various technology companies and employs thousands of people.


Home of Oregon State University, Corvallis is full of fun and inexpensive activities that are perfect for families. Located in the Willamette Valley, the town has stunning mountain scenery that surrounds the area and offers many outdoor sports such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. With a very low crime rate, the city is also safe for both students and children alike.

Enjoy a fun day of kayaking with family in the town of Corvallis.

Enjoy a fun day of kayaking with family in the town of Corvallis.


The city of Bend has been a hot tourist destination in Oregon for years. With many different kinds of outdoor activities from desert hikes to skiing on Mount Bachelor, this town has one of the most active communities in the state. Bend has also recently introduced new branches of Oregon State University and has many new jobs and education opportunities within the area.


Known for being a clean and friendly place to live, Silverton is perfect for those craving a simplistic life. With exceptionally high graduation rates, low crime rates, and low median home pricing, it’s the ideal spot for a quiet, financially-sound family life.


The close-knit community of Creswell consists of only 5,000 people and is great for those looking for small town charm. Home to the University of Oregon, locals get to enjoy all of the perks and activities of a college town without any of the usual noise and clamors. And with friendly neighbors and a family-oriented atmosphere, Creswell is a welcoming change-of-pace for families relocating from big city living.

With friendly neighbors, Cresswell is a small and safe family town.

With friendly neighbors, Creswell is a small and safe family town.


Brookings is a quaint seaside town located on the Oregon Coast and is perfect for raising a family within a quiet beach community. With a great school system, caring community, and low crime rate, Brookings has all of the qualities needed for family living. And with beautiful views of the ocean tide and sandy beaches to play on, it’s a nice spot to call home.

Newcomer’s Guide to Portland

The city of Portland, Oregon is a vibrant and fun town with a thriving cultural scene. With many employment opportunities that keep the economy humming, as well as the countless coffee roasters and microbreweries that have popped up around the city, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen to relocate to this exciting area. For those of you who’ve just made the move to Portland, here’s our guide to experience all that the city has to offer.

Community Spirit

The first thing you need to know about Portland is that this community loves to get involved and stay connected. Festivals are thrown all year round and range from music events to popular food festivals where the entire town is sure to turn up. The largest community celebration is the Rose Festival, which begins every year in late May and continues through the middle of June. With friendly neighborhood block parties, numerous city art shows, and many other happenings, Portland shows its enthusiasm for community spirit far and wide.

Portland residents enjoy live music events and art festivals throughout the year.

Portland residents enjoy live music events and art festivals throughout the year.

Waterfront Activities

The Tom McCall Waterfront Park is the best place in Portland for attending art shows, concerts, and other cultural events. Covering slightly more than 36 acres, this park is easy to access from downtown Portland and is located along the banks of the Willamette River. The park is perfect for biking, walking, or running along the smooth waterside trail. And although this park sits in the middle of the city, it has beautiful views of water and nature and is ideal for enjoying a peaceful moment in the great outdoors.

Food Scene

Portland is a foodie’s dream come true with a refined coffee culture, several fine dining restaurants, and interesting bistros located around the town. One unique aspect of the city’s food scene is the many food carts that populate the city neighborhoods. Beloved by locals and tourists alike, the food cart fare ranges from simple hot dogs to gourmet cuisine and includes everything you could imagine in-between. With over 600 food carts within the city limits, these trucks are guaranteed to have something delicious for everyone.

Tasty food trucks can be found throughout the city of Portland.

Tasty food trucks can be found throughout the city of Portland.

The food scene continues with great grocery shopping options that include everything from standard supermarket chains such as Safeway, Albertson’s, and Fred Meyer, to local shops that include food co-ops, organic corner stores, and specialty markets that feature Latin or Asian selections. One of the best aspects of the retail food scene is the abundance of farmers markets in the city. Fresh produce is available almost all year round year due to Portland’s long growing season, and many of the markets remain open through the holidays. Shopping at Christmastime is always a treat, as the markets sell homemade crafts along with artisan honey, jam, syrup, and other great edibles.

Surrounding Attractions

With the amazing proximity that Portland has to many activities, the city residents hardly have the time to be bored. The Pacific Ocean is only an hour drive away from the town and is the perfect destination for surfing and camping. Access to many of the Oregon mountain ranges are also about an hour away from the city, making it possible to go skiing and swimming on the same day! Wine aficionados will love the fact that several wine districts are within an easy driving distance from all parts of the city, including the city of Seattle, which is about a three-hour drive away. Portland also features an international airport for those who travel for business or for leisure.

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